353: How to stream your art on Twitch (w/ Mioree)


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Mioree is a digital artist and illustrator who specializes in stylized character illustrations.

She is also a partnered Twitch streamer who livestreams her art while explaining her methods and thought process to inspire and interact with her growing community.

Full shownotes: http://yourcreativepush.com/mioree

In this episode, Mioree discusses:

-How she started as an artist on Twitch.

-The differences between Deviantart and Instagram.

-Her advice for artists who want to start on Twitch and how to stream when there will be crickets at first.

-Twitch in comparison to Instagram Live, Facebook Live or any other streaming platform.

-How helpful it is to consolidate your ambiguous thoughts into words as you go through your process of making art.

-Dealing with burnout, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and being too hard on herself.

-How streaming can cure art block.

-The value in spending time to create systems to better your mental health as an artist.

-Setting ridiculously easy daily goals for yourself.

-Using neuroplasticity to start new habits and wean off of your bad habits.

-Using time tracking apps and devices such as Habitica and Timeular.

-Being deliberate about what entertainment she consumes.

-How she deals with perfectionism and negative inner dialogue.

-Flipping her canvas and looking at her art in a different way when she gets stuck.

-Where she goes for inspiration.

Mioree's Final Push will remind you to not be too eager to label yourself. Quotes:

“I try to dispel my doubts and think about a younger version of me.”

“I never understood my process. I almost felt like it was instinctual before. Now I feel as if it has some reason and I can detect patterns, which is always helpful for improvement.”

“I don’t want to wake up later in life, not having had a choice in where my life went.”

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