Season 2 episode 22: Coming home a love Story with Kristi Peck


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Today's episode was not planned to be an episode but I so happened to record this conversation and it was brilliant how we can capture amazing thing so we just went with it and at the end of our chat I told her that if it was Okay with her I was going to make our chat the episode.

So there are some phone pings, some drop outs but there is just so much goodness I was not going to try to do it over.

Kristi's awakening process actually began almost 15 years ago and has been in the progress of undoing and unlearning patterns of behavior, patterns of thinking and believing...all leading me home. She wrote about this journey in her first book - Coming Home: A Love Story. She use's this process in her everyday and with her work with those she mentors. She see's challenges as opportunities to learn what the soul or the ego needs to learn to return to love. Currently Kristi is writing the 2nd book in the series on transformation - it is all about the process once we awakening to actually align our lives from the love that is always available in our heart.


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