Leading When You Feel Like You’re Underwater – A Bookmark Edition Podcast


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If you’re leading now or preparing to lead in the future, you’ll experience “underwater leadership.” You’ll feel like the waves of demands in the job have washed over you and you cannot catch your breath. When that happens, don’t panic. Remember the lessons you’ll learn in this Bookmark Edition of Your Leadership Story Podcast.

In this episode, David Atchison asks John Kramp to share about his leadership experiences 30 days into a new executive position in the publishing industry. In this case, David responded with mercy do John and didn’t laugh too much at John’s challenges . . . perhaps because David continues to experience “underwater leadership” personally.

So get ready to learn some of the following lessons.

  • How to set the right expectations for your first days in a new leadership role
  • What do say when people ask, “How’s it going?”
  • Why asking for help increases rather than decreases your leadership stature
  • How to avoid the feeling of rising panic when things come at you quickly
  • What do to when you’re called on to make a tough leadership position during your first day on the job
  • How your experiences in “underwater leadership” become a great development opportunity for other leaders

Even if you lead in multiple roles over a long career, you’ll often feel like you’re leading underwater. This podcast will help you get ready to tell yourself the truth about that experience so you can push through it and thrive.

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