Life Beyond Drama.....Joy to the World


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Drama is just what it means!!! Something overrated, inflated to shake some feelings in you and most of those feelings, are not so great feelings. And they ask more of you, and you answer more and you add more drama. Those feelings become who you are! Maybe angry or maybe fearful and maybe you start losing trust in yourself and in others.... and maybe you start to like being that person, who hate easy, gets angry easily and look for more drama to satisfy those feelings needs! Those feelings feed on more drama and you like feeding them. Because you feel that you have to! Why should you care about this!!! Because your life is suffering in the process. Every decision you make can be effected by those feelings! And if your decisions are compromised, and so is your life. How do I know that? I spend lots of time working on my awareness so I can witness how everything effect how I feel and how I feel effects everything in my life. I witnessed how I felt when I entertained negative thoughts and negative people! I became easily irritated and moody! Witnessing myself becoming that person, called for change for me. Is it perfect now? Not perfect, better! Better and better! We choose it all, weather by deliberate choice or by default! What you choose is what you get and what you become! Think and Be..... Yours truly, Rea Wilke aka The thought Leader

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