Ep. 127 Using Tenacity, Resilience & Grit To Create Freedom, with Nardia Norman


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Nardia Norman is a Women’s Health & Performance coach, author, speaker,podcast host and all round empowering legend.

Nardia has been in the Personal Trainer industry for over 20 years and In 2014, she was awarded the Australian Fitness Network “Personal Trainer of The Year award”.

Her career has seen a massive shift to online coaching and business coaching over the years as she responded to her deep internal drive to impact more people at a greater level, especially women in the fitness industry.

I loved this epic chat with Nardia because she has a great energy, sees the world from an empowering perspective and has a lot of knowledge about personal growth and development!!!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tenacity, Resilience and Grit!
  • Global mentors that Nardia gains most value from.
  • Why she’s now focussing all her energy on creating a ‘Tribe Of Badass Fitbiz Women Who Transform Worlds’.
  • Relationships and how she and her husband Mike create strategies for always improving their dynamic relationship.
  • What she finds to be people’s greatest limiting beliefs and how she coaches them through it.
  • What her core value of freedom really means and how she helps others create freedom in their lives
  • Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting and so much more!

Follow Nardia Online:

Instagram @nardianorman

Facebook @nardianormancoach

Resources discussed in this episode:


Brendon Burchard (BB1)

Brene Brown (BB2)

Marie Forleo


“Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”. Susan Jeffers

The Power Within

“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Robin Sharma


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