Ep. 130 If Your Health Is Your Wealth, How’s Your Investment Going? with Brett Robbo


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The health and wellbeing space can be so noisy and confusing!

What does “healthy” actually mean?!

I’ve certainly failed this area in periods of my life and gambled with stupid, unhealthy choices consistently. I’ve essentially “waited for my health tsunami to hit”. Thankfully it didn’t and I’ve been able to learn and implement healthy lifestyle habits and realign my human experience.

Reality is, our health is with us everyday, for the rest of our lives and the more we respect it and invest into it wisely, the better the dividends will be!

I believe being healthy is not about being “perfect”. Being healthy is about improving the QUALITY of your life with small steps at a time and enjoying life more! Enjoy your hobbies more, your family time, your holidays – even your job more!!!

I’m not claiming to be a “health expert” and I never pretend to have all the answers. However, i’m truly passionate about helping people on their health and wellbeing journey and cutting through some of the confusion out there.

In this episode I discuss some of my experiences and my beliefs around a couple of areas of health, some of the ways i’ve “failed” and why my beliefs and choices have shifted over the years.

I don’t believe being healthy is being “strict” and perfect with your choices 100% of the time. But, some people do, and that’s ok. I believe in equipping yourself with the greatest amount of knowledge and awareness so you can make conscious choices consistently and enjoy a greater quality of life!

Resources discussed in this episode: Article on flawed health star food rating system:

Please let me know what you think of this episode and if you’d like to hear more on the topic of health.

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