Ep. 133 Acheiving High Performance At Work, with Christina Canters & Brett Robbo


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This episode is me being interviewed by Christina Canters, who is a keynote speaker, communication skills specialist, and host of the top-ranked business communication podcast called ‘Stand Out Get Noticed’.

The philosophy behind the podcast is that it shares practical tips and inspiration to help you communicate effectively and build unshakable confidence.

Here’s how Christina describes herself on her website: “I am obsessed with helping people communicate effectively. In my experience, I have found that many high performing professionals are technically good at what they do – but they lack the social, emotional and communication skills required to accelerate their careers and fulfil their potential.

“I am on a mission to help you close this gap – and achieve the recognition and success you deserve. Whether you want to become a more powerful public speaker, have more influence within your organisation, gain more confidence in your leadership capabilities, build your professional presence or take your career to the next level, our resources and programs are designed to get you there”.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What High Performance actually is and HOW to develop a High Performance Mindset.
  • Tools and strategies to optimise your life.
  • Morning routines.
  • Healthy priming habits.
  • And more

Follow Christina online:

Website: www.thecmethod.com

Facebook: @christinacanters

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