Ep. 135 Beyond Resilience To Optimal Performance, with Derrick McManus


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Shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle & survived!!!

“I was left lying on the ground, bleeding to death, for 3 hours before I was rescued”.

Derrick McManus was a Sniper, Special Ops Diver and Counter-Terrorist Operative with the elite Special Tasks And Rescue (STAR) Group of the South Australian Police.

What an intriguing story you’re about to hear. It’s gruesome and intense, but the real reward for you listening to this episode is to hear what mindsets and strategies YOU can implement into your life because of the perception Derrick has of the world and his passion for sharing his beliefs and empowering strategies to allow you to live an optimal life!

If you experience life challenges like anxiety, panic, mental illness or STRESS of any kind. If you judge yourself or experience debilitating fear or worry that holds you back, or if you’re a high achiever and want to go beyond resilience and live a life of optimal performance – or if you have ANY challenge, dream or vision on your journey as a human being, you’re definitely going to get an abundance of value from this one!

Follow Derrick online and engage in his empowering services:

Website: derrickmcmanus.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/derrickmcmanus

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