Ep 9: Can You Pass This Social Security Quiz?


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Did you know that nearly a third of near-retirees fail a basic quiz on Social Security? It’s such an important piece of your retirement, so we want to make sure you know the answers.

Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://lifemoneyshow.com/podcast/ep-9-can-you-pass-this-social-security-quiz/503/

What we discuss on this episode:

5:33 – About the quiz

11:35 – Benefits based on earnings

14:37 – Spouse’s death

16:16 – U.S. citizens

17:13 – Benefits not reduced

18:53 – Still working

23:23 – Dependent children

24:13 – Primary insurance

25:25 – Cost of living

26:44 – Government workers

29:08 – No earnings history

30:34 – Confusion

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