Your London Legacy’s Very Own Steve Lazarus, On Why Passion And Talent Are Nothing Without Teamwork Especially In Podcasting


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Your London Legacy has been going strong – with 67 episodes that host fantastic guests from every corner of this wonderful city. So what guest are we bringing on the show for this episode? Well, the answer is me.

No, there’s nothing wrong with the show—I’m just human.

I’ve been traveling, working, and helping my daughter settle into her new home in Tel Aviv Israel. So much has happened that I am, admittedly, a bit behind. But I thought this would be a wonderful time to highlight not just London’s hidden personalities—but the hidden people behind the show that make Your London Legacy a reality.

“The doctor told me that there’d be a 1 in 10,000 chance of anything going wrong – so you sign the disclaimer and off you go with a top surgeon”

[3:40]In May 2017 I had to have two back surgeries, the second of those resulting from a spinal fluid leak from the first, a complication that can be fatal. Being bedridden and unable to sit up on my own, the only form of entertainment I could get my hands (ears?) on was radio. Audio books. Music. And also Podcasts—which I had heard of but never really listened to. When I came out of the hospital I felt the creative urge to dive into the podcast space, and the focus of that drive was the city itself; London and the amazing people that walk by you on the street every day.

“So a podcast and being creative was something I thought I could do—but I really didn’t believe it in my heart of hearts.”

Making a podcast is a technical feat that requires not only knowledge of audio design and editing, but the platforms and websites the show is distributed on and the underlying marketing that helps them grow—all things I was woefully unfamiliar with.

I needed team members. Luckily, my first three Your London Legacy members were already in reach—Soli my wife, and my two kids David and Rosie.

Without their support I would be hard-pressed to express my creativity and curiosity through the podcast, let alone get out of bed in the morning.

My research into podcast production led me to Mark Asquith of Mark is John Lee Dumas’ counterpart to Podcast Websites—and Mark has become a podcast mentor, as well as getting the Your London Legacy show off the ground and into your ears.

Mark set me up with an audio editor, Justin Hellstrom, from Audio Editing Solutions across the pond in The States.

Justin edits my interviews and pieces together the show to make my conversations with guests smooth and easy to listen to.

How cool is it that we live in a time where you can collaborate with people all across the globe? I also get online marketing help through Hot Content—Natalie and Ieva help curate my Instagram and broaden the reach of Your London Legacy.

[9:15]And perhaps most hidden, but most important, is you. Every listener is a part of this team and without your ears and support the show would just be an echo in the void.

I set up the Your London Legacy Patreon to be a hub for all the listeners who want more behind the scene looks of the show and the guests we have on air.

I want to give an extra special shout out to one of you: Christa, the first Patron of Your London Legacy.

It blows my mind that a listener all the way in Hollywood in the United States believes in this show and has signed up to support it further.

Every pledge we get goes directly back into the show to help fund the team and the guests that make it possible. It truly is a wonderful time to be a creative—and you can expect me to carry on my search for London’s hidden personalities to bring them into your living room.

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