The Best Sex Life w/ Andrew Santino | Your Mom's House Ep.692


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Watch Andrew Santino’s Standup Comedy Special “Cheeseburger” streaming now on Netflix!


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Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P and we are still recovering from Charo’s recent visit. We watch some clips about pronouns/gender, discuss #BurpGate, and Tom announces David Wolter the Eerie weatherman has accepted his basketball challenge.

We then welcome comedian, podcaster and actor, Andrew Santino! Go watch his special “Cheeseburger” on Netflix now! They talk about weird fan interactions, working with Bobby Lee, we watch a clip of a cool girl going over her sex stats for the year, discuss Prince Harry getting frostbite on his Cory and having sex abroad. The Mommies introduce Santino to Sam’s Tailor, watch a girl on TikTok who apparently didn’t kill her brother, and review Christina’s latest TikTok curations.

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