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There are certain prerequisites I have before eating out at a restaurant; things such as the fact that they serve food, provide utensils for me to eat that food, and a bathroom for me to wash my hands before and after a meal. That’s basically the bare bones, if any eating establishment is missing any one of those three things there is a 0% chance I am willing to enter the building.

But these prerequisites are nothing more than the bare essentials, and on a standalone basis don’t give me any real reason to try the place in the first place, let alone come back. What makes a great restaurant great are all the things they offer above and beyond the perquisite necessitates for putting a plate of food in front of me – the ambiance of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff or the quality of the food. Countless restaurants open and close on a daily basis that can offer a meal, but the handful that stand tall as community landmarks for generations to come do so because they recognized that offering an extraordinary experience generates extraordinary results.

In 2010 I made a decision to step out of the norm and offer an extraordinary experience to my real estate partners. To close and fund a loan in a reasonable amount of time is a prerequisite for being a lender – being able to accomplish this task is the basics of our responsibility to our clients, but it is not extraordinary. How am I to differentiate myself from the thousands of other lenders around the country doing the same thing? How could I be of greater service to my real estate partners in helping them to be extraordinary for their clients as well?

Over the course of the last 7 years I have worked diligently to design and implement a suite of extraordinary services to provide my real estate partners so that they could take their business to extraordinary heights. To many of my colleagues this suite of services seemed unnecessary, and very expensive to offer – but I asked myself, what was I willing to do to be extraordinary for you, my real estate partners? Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. My Four Pillars of Value:
    1. Thorough Pre-Approval Process – I implemented what is among the most meticulous and extensive pre-approval processes in the industry, never compromising thoroughness for volume.
    2. 7/24 – Designed for winning in multiple offer scenarios, offering loan commitments in 7 days or less and the ability to close transactions in 24 days or less. If you want to close in 7 days or less, we can make it happen.
    3. Service Advantage – A fully operational team from application to closing under one roof, able to service your clients between the hours of 8:00am – 9:00pm 7 days a week.
    4. Growing Together – A relentless focus on adding true value to our real estate partners through innovative products, concepts and content ahead of market trends.

Growing together is a pillar we have worked tirelessly on to refine and improve as of late. In doing so, we’ve been pleased to offer a range of additional services with our real estate partners needs in mind:

  1. The Morning Shot Podcast – The leading podcast for the modern day real estate professional, 5 minutes or less, published three days a week of industry news and insight focused on enhancing your business.
  2. Our Monthly Facts and Figures call – 15 minute monthly call designed to deliver the most relative facts and figures of the real estate industry when you need it – right now.
  3. Dine n Grind Events – Redefining the lunch and learn experience, offering a well-structured best-in-class luncheon packed with value and knowledge to leverage in your business.
  4. Smartbuyer Workshops – Held 2x a month and designed to further educate homebuyers on how to prepare for their upcoming purchase, be it first time homebuyers or seasoned homebuyer.
  5. Credit Essentials Workshop – Monthly educational session catering to those potential buyers that have experienced credit challenges to provide them with a structured plan in getting them back to ‘purchase ready’.
  6. And our Behind the Curtain Series – In-depth interviews with our industry’s top professionals sharing their experiences and insights with our partners in pursuit of similar professional achievements.

My team and I believe that in order to be truly extraordinary, we must provide all the resources possible to our partners to make them extraordinary too. It gives me great pleasure to extend our offer to you for your own copy of our Agent Suite of Services Menu to keep and use as you please. No matter how busy we are, we are always available to you. Please call me directly at 561-864-2458, or email to get your copy of our menu of services. We look forward to serving you.

Our first ever Heavy Hitters speaker series is coming up and we are excited to have Mark Rucco of the Mark Rucco Group joining us. Mark was ranked as the #1 Agent for Palm Beach County by Most Closed Transactions in 2016 closing over 330 transactions, and ranked in Wall Street Journal’s Top 200 Realtors Nationwide. I know Mark’s story well, and can assure you that at some point in his career you will find common ground, and more importantly, stories from this shared experience that can help us overcome whatever difficulty currently preventing you from your best self.

This event will no sell out quickly and in fact, we’re well over 75% of capacity within 24 hours, as Mark is certainly the type of professional we all wish to learn from. So please reach out and RSVP your seat today by calling 561-864-2458, or emailing Brett Vidro at Our Heavy Hitters interview with Mark Rucco will be held at the Cinemark Theater in Boca Raton on October 26th from 9:30am – 12:00pm. While this is only the first of many in this series, it is surely one you will not want to miss.

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