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Tocco Divino Salon, 2626 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204

Me: Well, good morning everyone. Today, I am in front of Tocco Divino

and I'm going to get my hair cut. And we're going to talk with Melissa Sherwood. Right in here right now.

Me: And as you can see Melissa took good care of me over in the chair.

Me: This is kind of her grand opening, almost? We're getting closer.

Melissa: The grand opening will be January, February.

Me: January, February.

Melissa: Yeah, so it’ll be a while before we’ll have that. We had to get the little details taken care of before we do that.

Me: Well, there have been a lot of details as we've kind of moved through this process. That's for sure. This used to be an office building. And it took a little bit at the city. As well as here to make it the beautiful place it is now.

Melissa: Oh, yes, it took from the time of signing four months of hard construction.

Yeah. Yeah, it was quite a transformation.

Me: Have you got any pictures of the before and after?

Melissa: I do have. I do have a video it's on Facebook. Of the before and after the full transformation from getting the keys to opening day.

Me: Oh, very cool, very, very cool. So, that's on Tocco Divino.

Melissa: Tocco Divino Salon Facebook page. It's also on my personal page if you happen to be a friend of mine. Yeah, I'm trying to find some other avenues to get it out there. So people can take a peek.

Me: Very cool. Very cool. YouTube?

Melissa: I tried to put it on YouTube. I haven't figured it out yet.

Me: Very good. Very good. So tell everybody about what makes this different from any other salon. You are the new salon in town.

Melissa: We are the newest salon in town. We really pride in making it a place that when you walk in that you just feel at home. That it's beautiful and you feel pampered just walking in. But, you also feel very comfortable. What also makes us different is that we believe that everybody that works here that we're family. And so you feel the difference just in the environment and atmosphere as far as a sense of community, a sense of family. And I think that makes us very different from any other salon. Because there's a lot of talent out there and we do have a lot of talent here as well. But the atmosphere, the environment makes us very different.

Me: Very nice. Very nice. I know it does feel very, very homey in here. I enjoyed coming in. It’s my second trip and I was the first one I got to be a chair for.

Melissa: Yes. Very true. I don't know if that was good. I was half-asleep.

Me: You were a little tired that day. You were a little tired. That was what?

Three hours of sleep you got.

Melissa: One hour.

Me: One hour, oh man. I was a brave man.

Melissa: You were a brave man. Yes.

Me: Well, everybody, make sure and stop by and see Tocco Divino. And Melissa Sherwood “The Cosmetologist For Everyone Who Sure Would Like To Look Good!”

Thank you so much, and we'll talk to you all again later. Thanks.

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