EP. 7 You Are Not Alone: Mental Health & The Relationship With Yourself (Shannon Kalberg)


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Do you ever wonder why people don’t ask you the important questions? You know, beyond the small-talk and into what’s really on your mind. On the flip side, do you ever wonder why when someone asks how you are, you respond with the plain ol’ “good”, no matter how you feel? Often times, people are not okay with you not being okay. The thing is, sometimes it’s OK to not be OK.

Shannon Kalberg, LMFT is a marriage & family therapist with a private practice in Los Angeles, CA and an adjunct clinical professor at Pepperdine University. Today she is on the show to talk about the feelings that most of us feel, but many of us keep hidden inside us. Hold on tight, this episode is going to get real!

This episode includes:

  • Shannon talks about her past as a ballerina and her interest in therapy
  • Why it’s so common for people to view their birthdays in a negative light
  • Jen opens up about her own mental health struggles
  • The steps to admitting something’s wrong, and the gifts that can come from taking care of ourselves
  • Resources to help people through depressive episodes -- online forums and groups
  • Timely trends: Shannon discloses things people are coming in for more in 2018 (hint: the political climate is a major influence).
  • How social media and validation is affecting people’s mental health
  • Breaking down big goals into baby steps to make them less overwhelming
  • Jen talks about facing social anxiety during her time working as a Bridesmaid for Hire
  • Shannon goes over some breathing exercises to help with anxiety
  • How social media can influence relationships and cause arguments
  • How often Shannon sees people getting married for the sake of getting married, and the importance of not rushing milestones like marriage
  • Speed round: The best advice Shannon has ever received


Shannon’s Website:https://www.shannonkalberg.com/

Shannon’s Instagram: mylatherapy

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