#79-One Last Cast with Bruce Masterman


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Many people spend much of their time in the outdoors hoping to achieve something. Whether it’s hiking to the peak of a mountain, catching the biggest fish, harvesting an animal, or running the furthest distance, we often forget to enjoy the little things. Bruce is a lifelong outdoor writer, and he prides himself on being able to capture the emotion of a moment, allowing his readers to feel that moment again. His attention to the little details allows readers to journey to memories they forgot they had. Bruce is not trying to sell an idea or opinion, just providing a connection to our own memories of the outdoors. His book “One Last Cast- reflections of an outdoor life” is an incredible journey for all readers to find their own wilderness ideas within themselves.

Outro song “The Creek” was written by Edmonton musician Sarah Masterman and performed by herself and Nadine Veroba.

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