Blockchain Powered Carbon Removal Marketplaces w/ Nori


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Nori is a Seattle-based company which utilises the power of blockchain technology to enable carbon removal through their marketplace. They focus on actual tonnes of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere (thus avoiding offsets) and use blockchain to ensure that each removed tonne is only counted once and thus is unique. This combination is an innovative approach to the problem of double counting carbon offsets.

In its initial phase, Nori is focusing on enabling farmers to get paid for storing carbon in their soil. They use sustainable farming practices to remove carbon from the atmosphere, the removed carbon is verified and quantified by 3rd party attesters after which it's verifiably converted to a certificate which individuals & companies can buy to prove they paid for carbon removals.

Paul Gambill is the CEO & Co-Founder of Nori. He established the first community dedicated to carbon removal called Carbon Removal Seattle. He has 6 years of experience in managing mobile and web application projects for clients including Nike, Showtime, Target, and Starbucks, and has shipped well over a dozen different apps to the public.

I can also attest that he's extremely knowledgeable about climate change & blockchain and one of the best people I have encountered to explain complex concepts in simple to understand terms.


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2:35 - Paul's background & his engineer-type approach to climate change

9:36 - Carbon removal vs offsets - what is the difference?

12:58 - The Jevons paradox & how it comes into play with offsets

16:10 - Can carbon removal be achieved at scale?

20:01 - Why Nori is focusing first on regenerative farming practices

26:40 - How Nori ensures accuracy of carbon that is removed

28:55 - How the carbon removal marketplaces works in practice

31:05 - How Blockchain solves the double counting of carbon offsets

37:03 - How Blockchain works & why it's crucial for Nori's solution

39:23 - The Nori Carbon Removal Ton (NRT) - a non-fungible token

40:50 - Does Blockchain need to evolve for Nori to be able to work?

47:20 - The difference between Nori and other blockchain solutions tackling climate change

48:20 - Market launch & trading of the token

54:00 - Science vs Politics vs Businesses vs Society


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