Climate Activism & The Case For A Green New Deal w/ Peter Kalmus, NASA Climate Scientist


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Today You've Been Warmed episode features Peter Kalmus - a NASA climate scientist very well-known for his activism, particularly in the way he completely changed his lifestyle to drastically reduce his individual emissions (and those of his family).

Peter is very outspoken about the need to act on climate change with urgency and I wanted to get his take on solutions both from his standpoint as a scientist, but also as a human being. It's not a coincidence that his Twitter handle is @ClimateHuman.

We approached the topic of 2 degrees warming and what that would mean for our world, particularly the way in which he frames the discussion for himself starting from the unknown unknowns when it comes to tipping points and other consequences of warming.

We spoke about individual changes and their importance, how we can remove more CO2 from the atmosphere and why climate change is the "perfect" problem for mankind.

Finally we dove into the Green New Deal, why he supports this initiative and why this election cycle is extremely important in shaping our fight to preserve the planet.


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'Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution' Book -


3:02 - Peter's Background & Working At NASA

9:21 - What 2°C Warming Means For The Planet

13:33 - Individual Action & Climate Change

18:28 - Removing CO2 From The Atmosphere

29:49 - Electric Planes & Electricity Usage

33:40 - The Case For A Green New Deal

46:38 - A Final Message For Listeners


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