Climate Change Investing & Scaling Your Individual Impact w/ Hampus Jakobsson


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Hampus Jakobsson is a Swedish serial entrepreneur & investor who has had numerous stints in the business world - including as the EMEA Mergers & Acquisitions Director for Blackberry and most recently as a venture partner with BlueYard Capital.

Hampus brings a fascinating rational view to the climate change discussion which is rooted in his extensive business experience, scientific background and angel investing in climate companies. He views climate change investing as a currently underserved industry which is why he is using his capital to fund riskier ventures that, if successful, could exponentially advance our fight against climate change.

We spoke at length about his background and how he ended up here, how he thinks about climate startup investments, what are some of the industries he's invested in thus far, common misconceptions that people have about Nuclear technology (and why they are irrational) and his framework for scaling individual climate change impact which anybody can use to figure out how they can contribute.


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02:35 - Where Did He Start off? Hampus' Background

14:58 - About Climate Startup investing & why it's an underserved industry

25:16 - Some of Hampus' investments

28:43 - Common misconceptions when it comes to nuclear technology

35:23 - The need to stop fossil fuel subsidies & phase out coal

41:12 - A framework to understand how each person can work to tackle climate change

53:24 - Science vs Politics vs Businesses vs Society


A framework for scaling your climate change impact -

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