COP 25 Madrid & International Climate Politics w/ Chloé Farand, Senior Reporter @ Climate Home News


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In today's episode I spoke to Chloe Farand - a senior reporter for London-based Climate Home News - an independent news site which covers climate change. Her reporting around the UN climate talks & the recent COP25 conference in Madrid were fascinating, so I decided to get in touch.

We spoke about her involvement with climate change news reporting, how things have shifted in the past few years due to Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and the IPCC 1.5 Degree Warming report. Then we explored in depth the dynamics that unfolded at COP 25 in Madrid between the countries pushing for more ambitious climate measures and those who opposed it, the upcoming EU - China summit in 2020 and the prospects for COP 26 in Glasgow.

Finally, we discussed the specifics of the proposed 1 trillion Euro European Green New Deal Plan which is in works and we explored how politics, business, society and science all interact.

We did have some connection difficulties in the first few minutes, but we switched to a telephone line and all was good. So in case you find a difference in sound between the first few minutes and the rest of the interview, now you know why.

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3:38 - Her Background & How Long She's Been Covering Climate Change

6:16 - The Collective Shift from 2018
10:08 - What Happened at COP 25 in Madrid
15:38 - The EU & China Summit in 2020 in Leipzig
19:50 - EU Policies To Tackle Climate Change
24:31 - Specifics of the European Green New Deal Plan
28:26 - Society + Politics + Business + Innovation


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