Eco-Anxiety & The Impact of Climate Change in Kenya Now w/ Elizabeth Wathuti, Activist & Founder of the Green Generation Initiative


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Today's You've Been Warmed episode features an amazing guest - Elizabeth Wathuti - a climate activist from Kenya. She is the founder of the Green Generation Initiative which has helped plant over 30,000 trees in Kenya whilst educating children about climate change and its impacts.

She is also the recipient of the Wangari Maathai scholarship award - named after the hero she never managed to meet - for her commitment to conserving the environment.

Alongside Adenike Oladosu who was on the show before and Vanessa Nakate, she is one of the most well-known African activists, having participated and given talks at the recent COP25 conference in Madrid.

It was once again fascinating to talk to someone who is so involved in an African country - this time in Kenya - because as Westerners we feel that climate impacts are somewhere far away in time, when in reality they are far away geographically. Africa is already feeling the effects of climate change in a significant way.

We discussed how floods and droughts are affecting food crops, how kids in schools often rely on humanitarian aid to be able to eat, how they experience eco-anxiety because for them it is literally a matter of life and death and how she hopes to draw more attention to the region and get the international community to support Kenya and other African countries in adapting to the effects of climate change.

You probably know by now that I'm very passionate about giving this part of the world a significant voice, so enjoy listening to this episode and if you liked it as much as I did, do share it around and spread the word about Elizabeth's work.


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3:40 - Her Background & How She Became An Activist

9:57 - The Green Generation Initiative

16:11 - The Impacts Of Climate Change In Kenya

22:32 - Why Kenyans Experience Eco-Anxiety

26:44 - Her Takeaways From COP25 In Madrid

29:38 - Her Outlook Towards COP26 In Glasgow

33:17 - Science vs Business vs Politics vs Society

35:45 - Elizabeth's Powerful Message To The World


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