Helping Companies Reduce & Offset Emissions w/ Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A


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Lubomila Jordanova is the founder of Plan A - a Berlin-based startup which uses tons of data points to predict where climate change will hit the hardest and helps companies offset their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint through numerous data sets and monthly monitoring tools.

We dove deep into a macro view of the world and what her experience with climate change has been so far, we looked at how Plan A has developed an encyclopedia for climate change mapping out a multitude of projects focused on combatting it in specific geographies, what kind of algorithms they developed to help companies reduce their footprint and what kind of challenges they encounter when helping said companies embark on this process.

A common theme was the lack of education on climate change that most people and stakeholders in companies have and how we have to make sure that everyone becomes aware of the situation.


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2:20 - Lubomila’s Background. How Did She Create Her Own Startup on Climate Change? Why Climate Change?

08:53 - How Did You Approach Climate Change?

14:37 - About PlanA’s Research & Data

19:36 - Are We Advancing Fast Enough?

25:25 - How Does PlanA Help Companies In Reducing Their Carbon Footprint?

40:19 - Science vs Politics vs Businesses vs Society


Lubomila's COP25 LinkedIn Post -

Gold Standard for Climate emissions -

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