Microsoft's Net Zero 2030 Target & Greening Cloud Computing w/ Asim Hussain, Green Cloud Advocacy Lead at Microsoft


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Today's You've Been Warmed episode features Asim Hussain - Green Cloud Advocacy Lead at Microsoft. Asim is a developer, trainer, published author and conference speaker with almost 20 years of experience in the tech space with stints at the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft. He also teaches tech course on Udemy - an online course marketplace - where he has over 37,000 students.

Asim is also an organizer for Climate Action Tech - an online community of people who work in the tech sector and want to change companies from within, particularly when it comes to addressing climate change.

You might think initially - 'What does it mean to be a green cloud advocate?' - usually when we think about the cloud & the internet in general, we perceive them as intangible, not as something that would have an immediate impact on the environment. It turns out, however, that cloud computing accounts for about 3% of our total greenhouse gas emissions - which is roughly the same as the entire aviation industry.

Asim was very eloquent in explaining how we can reduce these emissions, as well as developing applications that consume less (and are more efficient). We also discussed Microsoft's recent net zero by 2030 announcement along with their Sustainability Calculator and how they identify their Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions throughout their entire supply chain and plan to address them each. Finally, we dove into Climate Action Tech, why people who feel lonely in the fight against climate change should join and how the community supports every member and organizes to create positive changes.


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6:42 - His Background & How It Led To His Green Cloud Advocacy Position

11:30 - What Does It Mean To Be A Green Cloud Developer

16:47 - The Environmental Impact Of Cloud Computing

20:16 - Can You Track This Externality?

22:35 - Microsoft's Net Zero Target & Sustainability Calculator

25:30 - Scope 1,2 And 3 Emissions

32:25 - The Climate Action Tech Community (CAT)

38:50 - Science vs Business vs Politics vs Society


Microsoft's Net Zero by 2030 announcement -

Microsoft's Sustainability Calculator -

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