ZBT #156: Kristin Beck


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Round 1: In an unprecedented move, the commandant of the Marine Corps has leaked two internal DoD memorandums to The Los Angeles Times. And you're gonna wanna put on earmuffs Cons, ‘cause there's a hard F-bomb in this story.

Round 2: The Army celebrated Sexual Assault Awareness month with ::drumroll please:: a fucking cake cutting ceremony. That's it. That's the joke and it's not the onion.

Round 3: The Air Force again halts KC-46 deliveries and boot-ass Boeing better know the field days and beatings will continue until morale and cleanliness improve.

Round 4: Interview w/ Navy SEAL Kristin Beck

Round 5: Two drunk Arkansas buddies were bullet-proof-gear-goofin and shot each other just for fun.

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