202: If You Believe that, I’ve got Four Supermen to Sell You


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Welcome True Auditory Believers!

This week is a special episode of ZI because we have guests! Smart guests! Drs. Judith Leggatt & Monica Flegel of Lakehead University (English Department) join us to discuss…well… a ton of comics stuff! From the SDCC announcements (including a few ‘lesser known’ announcments [did you know IDW is doing a Degrassi series?]), to the adaptation of The Boys appearing on Prime, all of us desiring to see Thunderbolts on the big screen, a quick JL vs BvS (if there is such a thing).

We also delve more specifically into politics and diversity in comics, race and gender-bending, and the panic reaction of ‘some’ to these storylines & characters. The good doctors are writing a book about these exact topics so…..let’s see if the smarts rub off onto the boys, shall we?

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