Zero Squared #229: Indefinite Life Extension? (pt 2)


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Aubrey De Grey is the founder of the SENS Research Foundation, an organization developing medical interventions to repair the damage the body does to itself over time. Stated more directly, Aubrey de Grey and his organization aim to defeat aging. In 2016 I interviewed him for the book "Advancing Conversations: Aubrey de Grey." here is the second part of the audio recording of that interview. It’s Sunday, March 1st, 2020 and I’m Douglas Lain the publisher of Zero Books and the host of this podcast. If you enjoy our podcasts support us on Patreon. Our Patreon supporters usually get access to two podcasts a week, audio versions of our youtube videos, as well as occasional Pop the Left specials. Zero Books book club members get access to Zero Books titles each month as well as a chance to join in a discussion with Zero Books authors.

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