Zero Squared #228 [teaser]: Should We Cancel When the Courts Won't?


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Sandy Baldwin is the author of “The Internet Unconscious: On the Subject of Electronic Literature,” and was a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology until a newspaper reported that he’d been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor based on the WEST VIRGINIA COMPUTER CRIME AND ABUSE ACT, a law regarding harassing and threatening communications by computer, cell phones and electronic communication devices. This charge was a downgrade offered by prosecutors after Baldwin had been arrested for a felony charge of soliciting a minor via computer. Baldwin is the guest on this podcast in order to discuss what our social responsibility is regarding platforming people after such an event and the degree to which the decisions of the courts should lead social attitudes and consequences for those accused and convicted. If you enjoy listening to the Zero Books podcast you should support us on Patreon. Our patrons will be getting access to this entire conversation while only a teaser will be released on the main feed. Supporting us on Patreon keeps our digital content coming.

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