Transition To Travel: Radical Life Change For World Travel w/ Jordan & Tyler


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What can you radically change in your life to help make travel happen for you?

Tune in today to learn about one couple's transition to travel story. Jordan & Tyler give you a "before and after" of their extended trip. You'll hear all about what life was like leading up to their travels and then hear what it was like when they got back. See how Tyler was able to radically change his life and learn how he and Jordan were able to set themselves up for travel. This will truly show you the impact that travel can have on your life.

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Tune In To Learn:
  • 13:58 Building Up To The Drastic Transition To Travel
  • 18:09 Daily Routine To Make Sacrifices For Travel
  • 20:53 The Snowball Effect To Make Travel A Reality
  • 24:18 How To Decide On Where To Travel
  • 26:25 How Much To Budget For A Three Month Trip
  • 32:12 Time Traveling To Life After The Trip
  • 38:14 Did The Budget Hold Up?
  • 39:38 Highlights Of The Trip
  • 41:11 South American Destinations That Stood Out
  • 45:05 How Has This Experience Has Changed You?
  • 47:35 Challenges Transitioning Back To Reality
  • 56:35 Traveling As A Couple For Three Months
  • And so much more

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