Optimising your diet for energy. Plus the low-histamine diet in depth - Michelle Berriedale-Johnson #234


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If you can really improve your energy and vitality levels simply by tweaking your diet, why don't we do it more often? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson is a very well-known name in the health and food space. She owns foodmatters.com, runs the Free From Awards, is an author and has a publishing company too. In a podcast of two halves, we talk;

  • Optimising your diet for energy
  • How sleep and screens tie in with diet
  • General diet related stuff to help you push your vitality levels up to 100.

Then we go in depth with;

  • The Low Histamine Diet
  • Low Histamine recipes
  • The Free from awards.
  • Berriedale books.
  • Other projects.

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