How to Protect Your Workplace from Danger Through Online Training


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Sadly, violence in the workplace and mass shootings have become all-too-common facets of American life. With every headline, we worry more and more about our future and how we can prevent these terrible tragedies from occurring.

My guest, Phillip Rizzo, is a High-Risk Security Consultant, Criminal Justice Instructor & Reform Advocate, and a Distance Learning Content Creator based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also the CEO of RPG Consulting, an online and offline security training company, which specializes in training employees in things like active shooter risk mitigation, de-escalation of aggression, tactical termination for the HR process, security guard training, unconscious bias training, and house of worship security preparedness.

Coming from a security background and having served as a security guard himself, Phillip saw the need for a better solution to ensure the safety of all. His company's training modules and classes can help anyone in a school, office, store, or house of worship recognize potential threats, de-escalate conflicts, and prepare in the event of an unfortunate security situation. While this episode is a bit different from our usual subject matter, I think this topic is very relevant for the times we live in. You can learn more about RPG Consulting and its online security training by visiting the link in the show notes.

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