Life and Business Lessons from the Game of Chess


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My guest today is Evan Rabin, entrepreneur and founder of the NYC-based Premier Chess, a company that teaches students of all ages and levels business and life lessons through the game of Chess in corporate classes, school programs, private lessons and more. Their motto is: “Conquer the game, master your life.” To date, Premier Chess has partnered with over 70 schools, companies, camps, and other organizations in and around NYC. While they have dozens of chapters at schools throughout the 5 boroughs, they have expanded to the Greater NYC area, including Rockland County, NJ, and even as far as Arizona.

A US Chess National Master, Evan Rabin spent years in Corporate America working in sales before he decided to marry his personal passion with his professional skill-set. Now, he gets to run a business around his hobby, and do a lot of good and make a difference in the process. You can learn more about Evan Rabin and Premier Chess by visiting the links below. In this interview, Evan shares some great tips for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to turn their favorite activity into a career or full-time business.

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