Life Planning for Millennials with Michael Hochfelsen


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In today's episode, legacy counselor and lawyer, Michael Hochfelsen, Esq. walks us through how to protect ourselves, our assets, and our loved ones at every life stage.

Michael Hochfelsen is a Planning Counselor at Skye Legacy Planning, a NY-based insurance, and legacy planning firm. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot him an email:

Life insurance and long-term planning aren't topics too many of us millennials and younger people like to think about, but it's super important we start taking them seriously now. It's time to start thinking about your financial future and ensuring that the possessions and people you love most are protected.

How will you be covered in the event that you can no longer work? How will your loved ones be protected in the event that something happens to you? How are you building wealth for the long-term and planning for your retirement?

Today, Mike will help us start figuring out the answers to these important questions and more. Grab a pen and notepad or your laptop, phone, or tablet, because you're going to want to take notes for this one!

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