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In this episode, B2B marketing expert, Joe Apfelbaum shares helpful tips to help you grow your LinkedIn presence and maximize the time you spend on the platform to grow your business or find new opportunities.

If you haven't been on LinkedIn for a while, it is time to come back! LinkedIn has been around for a long time, but what you may not know is that the platform has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years.

After being acquired by Microsoft in June 2016, LinkedIn transformed from being a hub mainly for job seekers and recruiters to a content-rich community that now operates more like the new "Facebook for business people" and professionals. And, since there is very little content being created relative to the number of people on the platform, the organic reach is insanely high right now -- think Facebook back in 2011, which means that you can see a great deal of engagement from your very first post.

LinkedIn has become the premier place to network and conduct business. Users who are active on the platform are collaborating, generating leads for their businesses, and finding new customers and clients every day. And, if history is any indicator, then as the platform grows and more people start creating content, the organic reach will go down and it may become pay-to-play in the future just like what happened to Facebook and Instagram.

Now is the time to get in on the action. Joe Apfelbaum is here to help you go from casual lurker to active poster, networker, and lead generator.

If you want to master LinkedIn and avoid years of wasted effort, you must check out his LinkedIn course:

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