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My guest, Joel Klettke is a full-time freelance conversion-focused copywriter and marketing strategist who’s worked with big-name clients, such as HubSpot, WP Engine, Safelite, and Ion Interactive.

Now, I think it’s necessary to first provide a little background information to my listeners so that we don’t get lost in buzz-words or fancy business jargon. When I say Joel is a copywriter, I want you to understand exactly what that means. No, that doesn’t mean he’s a lawyer. Copywriting has nothing to do with law. For those who don’t know, a copywriter is someone who writes the text for advertisements and other marketing content such as a corporate About Us on a company website, product descriptions, the captions for social media posts, slogans, flyers, banner ads, brochures, newsletters, and more.

While design attracts, the copy is what usually creates the emotional connection and ultimately convinces a person to take a desired action such as hitting the like or subscribe button, opening the email, filling out the lead contact form, or placing the order. Joel Klettke’s writing helps businesses get more clicks, traffic, adds to cart, and sales.

I myself have a copywriting background and started out as a copywriter before expanding into other areas of marketing such as social media management and brand strategy consulting. If you’ve ever watched the popular TV series, Mad Men, then you’re familiar with the show’s protagonist, a whiskey-drinking, womanizing Madison Avenue agency copywriter named Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. I can assure you the real life of most of today’s copywriters is not nearly as exciting and hopefully far less dysfunctional than that of Don Draper.

This interview turned into a really interesting discussion between two marketers. In this interview, Joel Klettke spills the tea on freelancing, copywriting, and how his work helps his clients and their businesses succeed.

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