Hebrew word Of The Day: CHAG HAMOLAD | חַג הַמוֹלָד = CHRISTMAS - 12/25/17


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  1. The Christmas spirit returns to the Holy Land
    Christmas festivities are in full swing in the Holy Land, tourists have arrived in droves to visit some of the holiest Christian sites in the world.
  2. Guatemala to move Embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala has just announced that it will follow the U.S. example and move its foreign Embassy from Herzliya to Jerusalem.

  1. Childish tantrum or genius use of leverage?
    Amb. Danny Ayalon, FMR Israel-U.S. Ambassador; Founder of ‘The Truth About Israel’ and Amb. Yosef Livne, Fmr Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand speaking at ILTV Studio about the recent activity going on at the United Nations
    4. Lorde caves to B.D.S, cancels Israel concert
    Pop sensation Lorde, has announced that after backlash from fans urging her to boycott Israel, she has decided to cancel her upcoming show in Tel Aviv.
    5. Shin Bet: Hamas could “Take Control” of West Bank

Israel’s Shin Bet Security is warning that a major shakeup could be in the works, and that Hamas might very well be preparing to seize control of the entire West Bank.

  1. 400+ Terror Attacks prevented in 2017
    The Shin Bet has just told the Knesset that security forces were able to stop over four hundred terror attacks this year, in addition to nearly one thousand and one hundred lone-wolf style attacks.
    7. Teen murders girlfriend’s parents

A seventeen year-old has just shot and killed his girlfriend’s parents in their home in Reston, Virginia, all because they’d forbidden their daughter from dating him

  1. 1.5 Billion ILS for Disability benefits approved

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that Israel will be boosting the benefits for Disabled Israelis by 1.5 billion Shekels.
9. Israel considers switching to the digital Shekel

Israel is now considering yet another major step into the digital revolution, by cutting back on cash, and converting money into a “Digital Shekel.”
10. Israeli high schooler finds Whatsapp breach

17 year-old receives $1,250 cash reward from Facebook for finding lapse in security
11. The adventures of Emanuel Zohar’s frogs & ants

Emanuel Zohar, Glass Artist speaking at ILTV Studio about glass-working, and his incredible skills of bringing sculptures to life.

  1. What will Meghan Markle wear to her big day?

Rumors are still buzzing about who will be the lucky designer that gets to create soon-to-be Royal Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.

  1. Hebrew word Of The Day: CHAG HAMOLAD | חַג הַמוֹלָד = CHRISTMAS
    Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Chag Hamolad" which means "Christmas"
  2. The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be cloudy with a sharp drop in temperatures and scattered showers in the North. The low will be about forty-eight, or nine degrees Celsius. Tomorrow, on the other hand should be partly cloudy with a significant rise in temperatures, and the high is expected to be around seventy, or twenty-one degrees Celsius.

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