Episode 80 Cairo Baccarat Talk with John Morris of Wheelchair Travel


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Today on the show John Morris from Wheelchair Travel joins Michael to talk about their recent trip to the Caesars in Cairo – inside the luxurious Four Seasons. After convincing John to play punto banco aka baccarat for the first time, it turned out to be an entirely new experience for Michael too! What they learned was that all baccarat is not created equal as the rules for this game are somewhat different from the version they know in the United States. Both give their opinions about tie bets and following or betting against the streaks. They also talk about the intimate atmosphere of the casino and the bonus convenience of the US dollar currency, and then share some more inside info about the food, drinks, ventilation and even the quality of the ice – another fun episode not to be missed!

Key Points From This Episode:
• Why US citizens will feel right at home in casinos in Cairo.
• The games and atmosphere you can expect at Caesars Cairo in the Four Seasons.
• The different card and card status program of the Caesars casinos in Egypt.
• More about playing baccarat at this location, including maximum and minimum bets.
• The odd betting levels and crazy side bets for blackjack.
• Pulling John into a game of baccarat and expecting a typical squeeze game.
• How the baccarat rules in Egypt are different.
• John’s experience of baccarat in Cairo as a first-time player.
• The high taxes on hard liquor, the smoking facilities and the excellent ventilation.
• Why it is advisable to stick to betting only the banker and player.
• Thoughts on steering clear of the tie bet and the minimum bet in this scenario.
• Following the streaks versus betting against the streaks in baccarat.
• The convenience of a low credit card conversion rate of 1.1%.
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Caesars Casino at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo
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Caesars Cairo
Via Wizard of Odds, the version of baccarat called Nepal Baccarat.
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