Episode 83 Turning Left for Less and COVID-19 Chaos


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Events have turned such that those of us in the travel business are locked up in our houses, trying to figure out just what we are going to do with ourselves. When will travel bans be lifted and what will happen to all of the flights and trips we already had scheduled to occur in the next few months? We had Michele Robson from Turning Left for Less join us on today’s episode to share all of her thoughts and great advice on the matter. It’s easy to get down in the dumps about all this so we kick off our chat looking at some of the positive things that could happen as far as travel and loyalty after things start opening up again.
Our conversation then turns to the cost of flights, and we wonder how reduced fares might get discounted even more. Michele then gives a few great pointers for what Avios users and other frequent travellers could do when it comes to capitalizing on this situation and planning trips for the near future. Things get wrapped up with a focus on some of the irresponsible ways airlines and other companies in the service industry are treating their customers and employees. Tune in for this one and keep yourself in the loop so you can get out of the house for less as soon as it’s safe to do so again.
Key Points From This Episode:
• Positive and negative effects on travellers and loyalty members post-lockdown.
• How flights will become cheaper after coronavirus due to reluctance to travel.
• Concessions which will become necessary to grant to maintain traveller loyalty status.
• Flight cost reductions in the US vs the UK; reducing taxes to lower costs even more.
• Whether British Airways Avios are going to reduce YQ to stimulate bookings.
• The fact that award flights are more available now and are refundable so should be booked.
• How airlines will cover themselves but still get customers back after the crisis using sales.
• Bookings Michele has made for next year and the idea that travel bookings give people hope.
• Advice that it’s still a good idea to book travel provided legalities are understood.
• The sense in booking refundable hotels which can be cancelled if bans are still in place.
• Using BA Holidays to book packages with low deposits.
• How airlines are disallowing refunds and therefore losing customers.
• The question of how airline and casino companies are treating their employees.
• Air cabin staff and pilots: required workers in the crisis that should be remunerated well.
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