Episode 88 Your First Time in Vegas - Three Things You Got Wrong


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We all remember our first time in Vegas — the lights of the Strip, the excitement of playing, and the first property that you ever stayed in. But like all first-timers, you probably made the same mistakes that we did. In today’s episode, Steve (LasVegasUK on Twitter) shares the top three things that he absolutely got wrong on his first trip to Vegas. In our conversation, we talk about why you should never book a property through third-parties, not even if your uncle is a travel agent, and why you should charge everything to your room and pay with a credit card. In a brief digression, we talk about Treasure Island, the first Vegas property that Steve stayed at, and why casino loyalty and loyalty programs may not be at the forefront of a first-timer’s mind. Steve discusses how he bound himself to a strict itinerary and why he now prefers to ditch the spreadsheets and go with the flow. Tune in to hear what Steve learned from his first Vegas trip, along with other tips on travelling smarter and getting the most out of your Vegas trip.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Steve describes his first trip to Vegas.
• The British tendency to use travel agencies.
Steve’s first mistake — booking his trip through a third-party.
• Treasure Island was a decent property to stay at for your first Vegas trip.
• Learn why you should never book a property through a third party.
Steve’s second mistake — not playing where he stayed and not charging everything to his room.
Steve’s third mistake — not going with the flow.
• Many Vegas first-timers aren’t necessarily there to gamble.
• Michael and Steve compare notes on how many times they’ve been to Vegas.

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