Episode 91 Vegas Reopening - Wynn-tastic! (Wynn Las Vegas)


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What everyone has been waiting for — Vegas is back for business. We sent out an advanced scout in the form of podcast host Michael and this episode; we dive into what you can expect from Vegas now that it’s reopened. Based on his nine-day trip, Michael talks about why he had a superb time in Vegas but that some peculiarities might take getting used to. Not being allowed to high-five the players at craps is just one of them. A more significant challenge for Michael was the lack of housekeeping at Caesars which was part of the reason that he moved over to Wynn Las Vegas later in his stay.
As Michael details his trip, the focus of the conversation shifts to a comparison between Caesars Palace Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas and their vastly different approaches to their service and health policies. While Michael didn’t enjoy Caesars’ limited offerings, he shares how impressed he was with Wynn Las Vegas. From their “virtual” minibar to their turndown service, Michael explains the elegant and logical ways that Wynn provides services while maintaining guest and staff safety. After talking about how luxurious Vegas fine dining feels — with reduced capacity, you get so much of the restaurant to yourself — Michael discusses why Caesars may have gotten things so wrong. Often where you stay anchors your Vegas experience. Listen to this episode to learn what to look out for when you visit the reopened Vegas.
Listen to this episode to learn what to look out for when you visit the reopened Vegas. Michael and Steve (LasVegasUK on Twitter) banter about this “historic” casino event.
Note: The State of Nevada now requires masks indoors.
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