12-8-2019 "Zorra Call" Updates, Message, Special Guest and Q&A


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"Time to break through all the limitations through awareness, letting go and choosing to be the best of who you are." Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods, Welcome once again to our Zorra Call for today. It seems sometimes that when we think we are moving forward one day and then the next day it seems like nothing has changed. It seems also sometimes, we are still on a perpetual merry-g0-round and things don't change. Accept the situation for what it is. Don't beat yourself up or judge yourself. Learn self compassion. Learn to forgive and even hug yourself. Set small goals and intentions that are simple and achievable. Create a Gratitude Journal and write 5 things that you are grateful for on a daily basis. Nourish yourself through exercise and eat healthy. Call on friends and family. Do something fun or enjoyable. Finally, persistence and determination is what you are! "What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is." Here's a video for you: Change your mindset, Change the Game: Dr. Crum https://youtu.be/0tqq66zwa7g Today, we will have Zorra join us! Our Special guest is Ron Spence. He has some important updates and information for all of us to hear! Master Affiliate, Ron Spence with updates and training. REPLAY Dial-in Number: 1-515-604-9696 Access Code: 669801# Reference Number: #40 LOVE TO ALL

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