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Greetings! My name is Zeke (Зик), and I am from Baku, reaching my 11th year living in Brooklyn. I'm a filmmaker (my main focus), but Youtube has been a real inspiration; I am fascinated by how much it has redefined media entertainment. I started the channel in order to tell unique stories about the Azerbaijani Metal scene in the 2000s, which I was a part of. It's a niche subject, but I believe it is important for our sacred stories to transcend to the newer generation of Azerbaijanis. After posting my first few videos, the youth couldn't believe we even had a Metal scene, and the older folks were struck by nostalgia; the response was incredible! Even though I still talk a lot about metal, I've also started talking to Azerbaijanis who represent other forms of art/industries. I'm enjoying the ride and hope you will as well.

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