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"Easy way to both listen to your favourite shows and discover new ones"
Neville Hobson, digital communication expert, journalist, podcaster
"Stoked that @mahemoff got player.fm launched - been using it for a while and it has vastly improved my podcast listening habits"
Paul Kinlan, Google Developer Advocate and Founder of Twollo
"player.fm by @mahemoff looks awesome! Congrats on marrying the benefits of HTML5 and podcasts!"
Dion Almaer, VP of Mobile Architecture at Walmart Labs and Co-Founder of Ajaxian
"Just signed up to player.fm - nice & sthg i could use most nights!"
Steven Livingstone, founder of Valebrity
"Gotta admit: love it so far!"
Owen Richards, web and communications student
"Player.fm by everyone's favorite @mahemoff's on the HN front page! Tried it out earlier and it's darned useful."
Seyi Ogunyemi, developer and podcaster
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