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Veterinary Woman wants to inspire you and help you to develop the confidence to overcome challenges and follow your passions. In our feminising profession we want to encourage women to aspire to be at the forefront of clinical practice, specialisation, professional bodies, corporates, education, research, industry, government… leaders in every area of veterinary influence. Everyone at Veterinary Woman understands the battles we all face against perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, bias and the rest. We also know that role models are vital in encouraging the progression of others, but it’s a misconception that they are untouchable superstars. They are very real women experiencing all of these things yet finding the support and courage to do the very best job they can. The women we'll be chatting to in this podcast are all down-to-earth, relatable people, doing their bit to support and raise up other women in the workplace. There'll also be episodes on career skills to help you develop at work, so don't forget to subscribe now to get episodes delivered to you on release!

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