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Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service
Simple news casts for learners of English. Read the news article at . You can also try some vocabulary exercises.
Build your English vocabulary in six minutes. Every Monday join two of our presenters and hear about different ways to develop your vocabulary knowledge and skills.
Learn English the way it’s really used by native speakers in everyday conversations. That’s why our episodes are always focused on real, current English. If you want to learn English for everyday use, you’ve come to the right place.
Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.
Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.
Listen to New Zealand news, spoken slowly and clearly, using easy vocabulary. Note:You may need to download Adobe Flashplayer if you can't access the podcast.
Business English Pod publishes audio and video Business English podcast lessons and online learning materials for intermediate and advanced Business English learners. The lessons cover a comprehensive range of business English skills for meetings, presentations, telephoning, negotiating, job interviews, travel, and more.
6 Minute Grammar
Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar.Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.
The top esl/efl listening resource for those learning English and teaching English. We provide real conversations recorded for all levels of English learners. In addition, the supporting worksheets and transcripts can be used for self access or in the classroom to provide valuable English language lessons for learners of English at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
A Cup Of English
Friendly, everyday English to help the anxious language learner. Texts, grammar notes, and photos on the blog page. Another great podcast by
A podcast for people who use English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) in their work environment and want to improve their overall language skills. In each episode, hosts Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, and Samantha Vega discuss Business news making headlines around the world. Through their discussions, Skip, Dez and Samantha introduce English vocabulary & phrases related to business, review grammar, and identify cultural differences found in International business situations. An excellen ...
Better at English podcasts are for EFL and ESL learners who want learn conversational English. Listen to our live, unscripted English conversations featuring authentic English vocabulary, slang, idioms, and more. Go to for FREE transcripts and vocabulary notes. Have fun listening and learning English with us!
A podcast for those wanting to learn or improve their English - great for any ESL or EFL learner. Visit us at
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Not all waffling is good!
We take a look at the present simple, present continuous and present perfect tenses.
October 16, 2018. New research shows that nicer people are likely to be poorer than people who are not so nice.
We discuss words that have the same spelling but are pronounced differently.
Calling customer service over the phone can be scary in a second language. In this episode, Andrew gives you key expressions to help you communicate over the phone when asking about a product. Fun facts Have you ever noticed that telephone numbers in American movies usually start with the number 555? That’s because they don’t want viewers to ca ...…
October 14, 2018. The Malaysian government has stated it intends to abolish the death penalty in a move that has been welcomed by human rights campaigners.
The hotel room Anna booked for the big boss isn’t right. She has to make a complaint.
October 12, 2018. France's government has asked Google to blur all images of French prisons on the Internet.
Could we live without plastic? Rob and Neil discuss the progress that's being made.
Vocabulary: Amend: change a contract or law Investigate: to examine the detail of something in order to find out the truth Police: a verb, meaning to control and watch over something Commission: a part of the government that is independent from the government in conducting investigations and making judgements Attribute to: to say that something ...…
October 10, 2018. There is public outcry in Australia over controversial plans to use the Sydney Opera House as a "billboard" to advertise a horse race. Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on Business English idioms for giving advice and warnings. Everyone needs a bit of advice from time to time. Maybe we’re dealing with a difficult colleague, or maybe we’re deciding whether to accept a job offer. At some point we al ...…
Describe something that isn't straight.
Learn key words and phrases to talk about ability in the present and the past.
Vocabulary: Screening: being shown in movie theatres or on TV Take on: this is phrasal verb which means to adopt, to accept something new Episode: one story in a series, usually there are about ten episodes in a series of TV shows Forbidden: not allowed, prohibited Nightmares: bad dreams Anticipated: expected in the future Previous: coming befo ...…
What's the difference between a mobile phone and a cellphone?
Are you a creative person? Are you curious about learning some new vocabulary about art and drawing? Then listen to this Simplified Speech episode, in which Andrew and Jeremy talk about their attempts at drawing. Fun facts Did you know that Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, was also an animal lover? In his lifetime, he had a pet monkey, ...…
October 08, 2018. Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji fish market has closed after 83 years of trading. It shut permanently at noon on Saturday.
October 06, 2018. A university in the UK has voted to replace hand clapping with 'jazz-hand waving'.
Tip Top Trading's big boss from America, Mr Socrates, turns up unexpectedly.
Have you grown up with social media? You could belong to Generation Z.
Jackie and Richard talk about their morning routine.
October 04, 2018. Restaurants in the UK will soon have to give all tips to their staff.
Vocabulary: Vote: a democratic process of making a decision as a group Core values: basic ideas that are shared by a group to ensure social harmony A bill: a proposal for a new law Proponent: someone who agrees with an idea Opponent: someone who disagrees with an idea Enact: when the government allows a bill to become a law, they enact it Answe ...…
Forest fires have been ravaging the western coast of the United States and Canada for several months now, with devastating consequences. In this Chatterbox episode, Jeremy and Andrew discuss the terrifying results of these natural disasters and how the fires affect those who live within the burn zones. Fun facts On average, more than 100,000 wi ...…
How to use 'used to' and 'would' to talk about things we did regularly in the past.
Vocabulary: Kiwi: a native bird of New Zealand Brought over: transported Nest: Nest can be a noun, meaning the home of a bird, but it can also be a verb, meaning to build and live in a nest. Sanctuary: a safe place Answers: Twenty rare kiwi have been moved to Shakespeare Regional Park near Auckland. These birds are little spotted kiwi, New Zeal ...…
Neil and Catherine explain some business jargon in just six minutes! Welcome back to Business English Skills 360 for today’s lesson on how to communicate clearly in English.. There are times when you want to impress people with your language abilities. But there are actually far more situations that require the opposite approach – situations where you do ...…
It might only be one little word, but putting though at the end of a sentence can make a big difference. Join Andrew and Jeremy as they run through the many ways of ending a sentence with though. Fun facts In this episode, our hosts talk about expressions that are interchangeable. In English, strangely, the words flammable and inflammable mean ...…
How did clothes worn for safety end up on the catwalk?
The wonder of a mathematical formula found in nature.
Vocabulary: Anniversary: a time that is exactly one year after an important event Interest: curiosity, when people want to know about something Parental leave: when somebody has a new baby, they can stop working for a short time so that they can stay home and look after the baby In office: this means working in a political position where you we ...…
Has someone annoyed you? Use this word.
How to talk about the future with 'will', 'going to', 'might' and 'be likely to'.
Vocabulary Contamination: pollution of food Harshly: an adverb meaning harsh. Harsh means very strict, or too strict. Punnet: a container for berries Answers: In the last month Australia has struggled with a health scare related to strawberries, and this is now something that New Zealanders also need to be careful of. Last week in Australia, th ...…
When is 'c' pronounced /k/ and when does it have an /s/ sound? Listen to the programme. Welcome back to Business English Skills 360 for today’s lesson on communicating clearly in English. Did you know that most of the conversations in English happening right now are between two non-native speakers? There’s a German doing business in Malaysia, and a Russian talking on the p ...…
Would you open your home to total strangers? Sounds bizarre, but it is the basis of a thriving business. Join Andrew and Morag as they talk about their experiences with Airbnb. Fun facts Throughout the world, there are all kiAlthough Airbnb was founded only 10 years ago, it now has revenue of over $2 billion!nds of summer camps. You can go to a ...…
Anna's been accused of smoking! Paul decides it's time to talk about health and safety.
The word 'snowflake' has been used as an insult. We discuss what it takes to be offended.
Wedneday 19 September, 2018 A New Rhino in Auckland Zoo Vocabulary: Breeding program: When people plan for captive animals to have babies Settle in: become accustomed to a new home Calves: the plural of “calf”, a baby ruminant (an animal that eats grass) Answers Hamilton Zoo has sent a young female white rhino to Auckland Zoo as part of a breed ...…
What do question tags mean and what do we use them for? We can explain, can't we?
Brag if you must - just don’t humblebrag! Find out what that means with Rob and Feifei.
There's nothing like(1) being in a crowd of 60,000 people. There's nothing like it, if they are all happy and dancing to the same music. Yes, you guessed it; I went to a concert with 59, 997 temporary friends. We were all happy to be together. I took my daughter and a friend of hers, and I was as excited as they were. Ed Sheeran was the main si ...…
Vocabulary: southern: an adjective meaning “in the South” southerly winds: winds that come from the South towards the North a record: the best/worst yet Answers: Although it is now Spring, heavy snow has started to fall in the southern part of the South Island. Drivers are being told to put chains on their wheels if driving between Queenstown a ...…
Attending summer camp is a very North American experience. Join Andrew and Morag as they share their memories of attending summer camp. Fun facts Throughout the world, there are all kinds of summer camps. You can go to an English camp, a music camp, a theatre camp, even a weight loss camp! Expressions included in the study guide To pay the pric ...…
Skip Montreux and Dez Morgan talk about developments in the electric car industry in Japan. Free audio script available at Visit iTunes to subscribe to Down to Business English, rate the show, and leave a comment. Visit our website or Facebook page to ask a question, post a comment, and sign up for the Down to Business ...…
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