Amazing West Java 98.8 RAKA FM Bandung Dengan Bandung Heritage Society & Open Show Indonesia


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Amazing West Java : Bandung, Photography, History, and beyond with A. Okhi Irawan Wiryanatakusumah and M. Ery Bukhorie (both from Open Show Indonesia) and Tubagus Adhi (Bandung Heritage), live at 98.8 Raka FM Bandung, Indonesia. Open Show focuses on locally organized events that create a powerful feedback loop between the public, partner organizations and creators (photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers) both in global nor domestic spheres as well as in Bandung, Indonesia. Feel free to contact : A. Okhi Irawan Wiryanatakusumah (+628122480773) and M. Ery Bukhorie(+628112260301) or email at

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