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RFD Today (Thu April 24 2014)
9 minutes ago
Hosts Alan Jarand and Rita Frazer talk about what is happening around the state of Illinois, from politics to agriculture policy. The program features a variety of high-profile guests and expert commentators...
#55 Reboot your body with Kevin Geary
11 minutes ago / 41:32
Kevin Geary talks to Wendy and Leigh about how one reboots their body with diet and fitness, focusing on the mindset and psychology of the process. His site Rebootedbody.com helps men and women overcome...
Disruption: Solar Energy – Episode 30 – Sean White
17 minutes ago
This is episode 30 of Disruption: Solar Energy brought to you by SecondSilicon.com. I’m back in the USA! And I need a job! Today […]
Seg. 10- Long Naps
23 minutes ago / 12:56
The Junkies discuss a study that shows that Long Naps for middle aged men actually increase the risk of death.
Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen chats with Dennis and Callahan
25 minutes ago / 10:11
Hazen joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk for the Front Office Report to give us the latest on all things Red Sox. He also gives his take on the Michael Pineda pine tar controversy.
Week 12: April 24, 2014
26 minutes ago / 16:46
Discussion about perception and learning.
HITM for 04-24-2014 – Happy Birthday Glenn the Geek and Let’s Re-visit Rolex 2013
41 minutes ago
Classic Re-visit: Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event is well under way and we'll be getting reports from competitor Jessica Phoenix, Katie Murphy brings us her first timer's view and really bad ads finishes Friday...
Demand Jumps For Durable Goods
45 minutes ago / 03:00
Patrice Sikora reports we bought more big-ticket items last month, the FCC has new rules for Internet traffic, the FDA has new rules for e-cigarettes, car shipments to dealers are delayed, the Secret Service...
NPR: 04-24-2014 Books
48 minutes ago / 20:52
Stories: 1) How A Music Writer Learned Trust Is The Ultimate Backstage Pass 2) 'Traveling Pants' Author Tries Traveling In Time 3) Far From 'Infinitesimal': A Mathematical Paradox's Role In History 4...
Football Weekly Extra: Manchester United dump David Moyes
48 minutes ago / 46:22
Podcast: AC Jimbo and co deliver their verdict on the shambles at Old Trafford. Plus, the Champions League and Liverpool v Chelsea reservesJames RichardsonBen GreenScott MurraySid LoweSean Ingle
UFC Central - April 24 - Thursday
49 minutes ago
This edition with Showdown Joe features Canadian Kajan Johnson and FOX.com's Damon Martin.
Today's Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
50 minutes ago / 01:00
Newscast: First-time jobless claims up sharply
51 minutes ago / 01:00
Plus investors are taking a shine to Apple. MarketWatch's Ann Cates reports.
Watching Your Wallet
52 minutes ago / 01:00
Jennifer Kushinka on when and where to book your summer vacation.
April 20, 2014: Chip Heim, “A Grave Story”
52 minutes ago
Don’t Argue With A Fool.
54 minutes ago / 20:02
We’ve all been there. Somebody send you a nasty email, or blows you up online in a forum, blog post, or social media. You know better than to respond because they’re not even worth the 30 seconds it took...
April 24, 2014 - Today's Industrial Market News from Industrialinfo.com
1 hour ago / 03:22
Stories featured in this segment: Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE:VLO), BP plc (NYSE:BP), Canadian Pacific Railway (NYSE:CP), Canadian National Railway (NYSE:CNI), Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRKA), AK Steel...
Believe The Hype: episode 174 - NBA 2014 Awards Winners
1 hour ago / 54:07
This week on Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam chat about some of the more intriguing storylines from the Playoffs so far, including the Washington Wizards 2-0 lead over the Chicago Bulls, the San Antonio...
The EOG Sports Hour (24 Apr, 2014)
1 hour ago   explicit
John Kelly talks sports and sports betting from EOG Studios in Las Vegas: NBA journalist Sam Yip reviews the NBA postseason Yip, a 23-year-old graduate of UC-San Diego, joined host John Kelly for an hourlong...
046 Easter & Stargazing in Scotland
1 hour ago / 33:29
On The Mull of Kintrye at Easter The ten days or so I spent on the Mull of Kintrye delivered some great weather, magical sunsets on glorious beaches and a number of starlit nights watching the International...
Tzimtzum and the Presence of God - Yom Shabbat - April 19, 2014
1 hour ago / 50:48
Pesach Shabbat Chol haMoed - Day 5 Ex. 33:12-34:26, Num. 28:19-25
Episode 120: Icebox Cake
1 hour ago / 16:11
Webster's Dictionary defines Icebox Cake as: (n) Much better than a human centipede. Join our post-apocalyptic adventure where zebras and cannibals abound and only a 2 ingredient frozen dessert can save...
The Chase & Sanborn Hour - Guest Is Nelson Eddy (08-08-37)
1 hour ago / 1:00:32
Guest Is Nelson Eddy (Aired August 8, 1937) The Chase and Sanborn Hour was the umbrella title for a series of US comedy and variety radio shows, sponsored by Standard Brands' Chase and Sanborn Coffee...
Mauoq DnB Podcast 026
1 hour ago / 50:06
iMore show 399: Apple Q2 2014 results
1 hour ago / 1:02:25
Rene and Peter go over Apple's Q2 2014 financial results including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the conference call that followed, and the weekly news.
1×14: Cloudy Donkey Mascots
1 hour ago / 1:12:55  explicit
Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which the cloud shows up a lot this week, in the following ways: Personal cloud storage: what do we use, what do we...
C4AL #43: Mike Copeland on Achieving a Multi-Generation Dream: Building A Speed Shop from the Ground ...
1 hour ago / 00:01
Mike Copeland on Achieving a Multi-Generation Dream: Building A Speed Shop from the Ground Up
The Freelancers’ Show 110 – Getting Started with Freelancing
2 hours ago / 1:02:43
Panel Reuven Lerner (twitter github blog) Curtis McHale (twitter github blog) Jeff Schoolcraft (twitter github blog) Mandy Moore (twitter DevReps) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails...
In a battle of bark scorpions versus grasshopper mice, put your money on the mice!
2 hours ago / 01:30
Get ready for the rodent version of the honey badger
Starting out again | Money lives in the pipeline | People remember the transaction not the person involved ...
2 hours ago / 08:22
Georgi Bates looks back on her long and successful career to reflect on a piece of advice she wished she had received at the start and she also shares some great thoughts for those wishing to excel in...
FirstWord Pharmaceutical News for Thursday, April 24, 2014
2 hours ago / 09:29
Today in FirstWord:
Episode #24 - April 24th, 2014
2 hours ago / 06:01
In this episode we talk about Arrow Functions in ES6, HarpJS for quickly prototyping with static files, writing defensive code with ES6 Proxies and using JSONP with the AngularJS $resource service. Listen...
Ep 44 - Increasing Your Inventory and Outlets with Michael Rank
2 hours ago / 1:18:57
This week I talk to Michael Rank a PhD student in Ottoman history based in Turkey. He was working a part time job teaching English, trading hours for dollars and wanted to move away from that and create...
2 hours ago / 1:51:00
Episode 402: All Stations Are Go Mark Woodage 00:13:23 Josh Brookes 00:32:32 Shaun Muir 00:56:15 BSB Crashes: http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Higgs-sets-record-straight-over-Brands...
Militant Minded Radio w/ “Vince Most Wanted”
2 hours ago
Download PodcastTonight “Vince Most Wanted” drops in on Militant Minded Radio. Vince is the creator of #TRUTHUMENTARYTAPES which can be found on Youtube. He is also a member of the OutLaws.
The Red Baron
2 hours ago / 22:02
Some of the great heroes of World War I were the “aces” – pilots who were credited with bringing down large numbers of enemy planes. These dashing young pilots captured the imagination of the public and...
#351 - Pslam 51 - A Clean Heart
2 hours ago / 09:51
This is the episode is part 2 in a study on the book of Psalms. We look in this episode at the song David wrote when he was caught in sin by the prophet Nathan for adultery and murder. The most familiar...
WDW NewsCast - April 23, 2014 - Best Disney Moment Ever Sweepstakes, Star Wars Weekends, Anna and Elsa ...
2 hours ago / 13:47
http://WDWRadio.com - WDW Radio presents the WDW News Cast for April 23, 2014 - Live, Interactive Disney news from Lou Mongello Topics in this week's Disney news include: - Star Wars Weekends - Best Disney...
The Godzilla (1998) Podcast
2 hours ago / 47:17
In this episode, Sean and I review Godzilla (1998) -- definitely not the Greatest Movie EVER!
April 24th: Arms Around The Galaxy
2 hours ago
Podcaster: Steve Nerlich
Ep #3: The Seven Characteristics of Flow with Steven Kotler
3 hours ago / 30:19
I am excited to introduce Steven Kotler to this week’s episode of The Brainfluence Podcast. Steven Kotler is a New York Times best-selling author and award-winning journalist. His books include the non...
TMBA 241: “10 True Clients” Business Models
3 hours ago   explicit
Podcast | Download | Stitcher | iTunes This week we are going to replay one of our favorite episodes of all time, with a little bit extra thrown in for good measure. This episode has had a great impact...
April 24. The Silurian-Devonian aquifer
3 hours ago
Yesterday we talked about the porosity, or open space, you need to make an oil reservoir. It’s the same concept as you have for an aquifer, a subsurface reservoir for water. Across most of Iowa and parts...
#400.5 California Coda
3 hours ago / 34:54
In a special bonus episode, we check out a few remaining tidbits from Tim Across America’s final state, California! First, Stephenny Godfrey recalls the events that inspired her comics “Panorama” and...
3 hours ago / 07:02
Paul (the voice) Stanton
Democracy Now! 2014-04-24 Thursday
3 hours ago / 59:00
Democracy Now! Thursday, April 24, 2014
Scathing Atheist 62: Quranal Retentive Edition
3 hours ago / 30:01  explicit
In this week's episode an Oregon couple's only begotten child will die for their sins, the world will end in a fiery catastrophe and Paul from Quranify Me will stop by to help us earn that much deserved...
Puck Podcast Hockey Minute – April 24, 2014
3 hours ago / 03:17
Get a recap of Wednesday’s playoff action including 2 overtime thrillers plus news on the Matt Cooke suspension.
Valerie June on mixing genres and instruments
3 hours ago / 21:29
Tennessee-born singer Valerie June is pioneering a musical style she calls Organic Moonshine Roots Music.
Mickey Gilley on Coffee, Country & Cody
3 hours ago / 41:41
Bill Cody with Mickey Gilley recorded March 25, 2014 at WSM Radio - Mickey joined us at the WSM Studios in Nashville to share some great stories and let his know that he is back touring just a few years...

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