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Ludology Episode 79 - The Magic Circle
15 minutes ago / 1:24:57
Ryan and Geoff are pleased to welcome back Eric Zimmerman, professor at NYU's Game Center and author of The Rules of Play. This episode we discuss the concept of the "magic circle" and how designers can...
The Skeptic Zone #287 - 20.April.2014
51 minutes ago / 54:30
Introduction Richard Saunders 0:04:50 A Grain of Salt with Eran Segev This week Eran chats to Michael Marshall from 'Skeptics with a K' podcast and one of the people behind the QED convention. 0:27:27...
Pienaar: 20 Apr 14 Easter Special
1 hour ago / 48:54
John Pienaar is joined by his 'Three Wise Men' (apologies for the unseasonal reference); Lord Michael Heseltine, Lord John Reid and Sir Ming Campbell, to chew the political fat. He's also joined by the...
#95: A Beginner's Guide To Amazon PPC With Search Scientists
1 hour ago / 27:45
Amazon PPC is becoming a popular method to acquire customers with paid traffic. Michael Erickson from Search Scientists joins us this week to give a high level overview on the difference with Google Adwords...
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" - Last Stop (08-10-52)
1 hour ago / 26:41
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" - Last Stop (Aired August 10, 1952) The radio series used contemporary cases and modern detective methods to solve crimes; it was a procedural...
On this day in Blues history... April 20th
1 hour ago / 02:00
When is it sleepy time at the laundromat?
1 hour ago   explicit
Skepticule 068: Secularist of the Year; Free Market — Steve; Matt vs Sye; Fred Phelps; God downs MH370; Unholy Questions — Johno; Read more »
Episode 58 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Vancouver v LA Postgame Show)
1 hour ago / 37:03
Vancouver Whitecaps’ fighting spirit was in abundance as they fought back twice to take a point at home to the LA Galaxy. Our LA postgame show looks back at the main talking points of the game. Did the...
News #142 - 1 Proven Motivation Tactic To See Your Italian Grow
1 hour ago / 04:05
Some learners have no problem with motivation. They listen to Italian lessons, leave comments and questions and study with flashcards. But if you’re like most of us, you need a boost to your motivation...
News #121 - 1 Proven Motivation Tactic To See Your English Grow
1 hour ago / 04:05
Some learners have no problem with motivation. They listen to English lessons, leave comments and questions and study with flashcards. But if you’re like most of us, you need a boost to your motivation...
Krishna Sees the Beauty in Every Living Being
1 hour ago
2014-04-19Srimad Bhagavatam 10.44.04 - Krishna Sees the Beauty in Every Living Being (download mp3) , (download flv) and (download mp4)by Radhanath Swami at ISKCON Chowpattywww.iskcondesiretree.netSB 10...
35-Overview 1
2 hours ago / 15:40
The first of several Summaries of the material we’ve covered so far.
Gameburst News Sunday 20th April 201
2 hours ago / 32:50
Neil Mij and Jerome take a look at the gaming news from the past week and give there thoughts
0030: Working with your fear
2 hours ago / 47:23
If you don't understand how fear really works, it'll probably trick you and trap you most of the time. Your success directly correlates with the level of fear that holds you back. Your emotional fears...
ATC: The Bible - Does it Matter?
2 hours ago / 27:34
Fewer and fewer people are now familiar with the book that tells the Easter Story – who is responsible for this growing Biblical illiteracy and does it matter anyway?
4/19/14 Real Estate Radio Hour
3 hours ago / 32:48
Presented By Preferred Home Team. This week, Andy Prasky and Jeff Zweifel welcome the Alexander's crew on to discuss alternative moving solutions.
4/19/14 WCCO's Car Care
3 hours ago / 27:04
Dan Burns and Nick Stoffel of Lloyd's Automotive answer your car questions.
Charles North on Religion, Economic Development, and Rule of Law
3 hours ago
Max Weber is famous for linking religion to economic outcomes in his monumental book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Since that time we have seen social scientific interest in linking...
Loveline - Mike and Anna Shinoda 04/20/2014
3 hours ago
Mike and Anna Shinoda come hang.
Episode 129: Milk Play
3 hours ago   explicit
Hey guys, on this week’s episode of the Comic Bastard’s CPMFP we cove the drama with Bryan Singer. Then it’s off to the new Teen Titian’s beef. We chat over the Eisner’s and then we cover DC’s Earth 2...
Episode 45 – 50 Shades of Metric Grey
4 hours ago / 52:56
This episode sponsored by: Released Sunday, April 20, 2014 Hosts: John Sextro, Lee McCauley, Jason Tice, Craig Buchek Discussion Agile Database Development Discipline & Continuity Forwards & Backwards...
Music Inspired by Chicks Hatching - Mussorgsky and Ravel
4 hours ago
Inspired by a talented friend's painting called "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks," Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky wrote a piano piece as part of his famous work Pictures at an Exhibition. The composition...
Teenage brainstorm
4 hours ago / 29:19
As a teenager life is on fire but it can also be risky & overwhelming. Hear how a new understanding of the science behind the emerging young mind can help to capture the positive essence of adolescence...
WorldUpMC: The Sunday Feature: Olympics Legacy
4 hours ago / 08:59
Rebecca Kesby returns to the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London to ask whether the much-touted "Olympics legacy" has become a reality.
Episode 148: Carl Macek and Robotech
5 hours ago / 1:54:20  explicit
Yep, we’re back with a do-over episode. Many months ago, we produced an episode in which we were to talk about Carl Macek. Somehow, we went almost the entire episode without even so much as mentioning...
Episode 295:Six Spider-Satellites and Ultimate Spider-Man Reviews
5 hours ago
In this episode we tackle reviews of the Spider-Satellites and two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. The satellites George and I review are: *Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 11 *Superior Spider...
3696 - Wild @ Colorado, Game 2 Postgame
5 hours ago / 25:00
Scandella, Suter, Yeo and Roy recap the Wild 4-2 loss to the Avs in Game 2
Back To Health with Dr. Van Merkle from Saturday, April 19th, 2014
5 hours ago / 53:48
Back To Health with Dr. Van Merkle
Composers Datebook for Sunday, April 20, 2014
5 hours ago / 02:00
The Ondes Martenot
19. Jim Runge- Tour manager for The Black Keys
5 hours ago / 48:24
Jim Runge is a tour manager and tour consultant who is currently the full time tour manager for The Black Keys. Previously Jim has also worked for artists such as Machine Head, Alice in Chains, Susanne...
The Rub - Sunday 13th April 2014 - part 2
5 hours ago / 40:55
How travel affects teams, Dean Solomon, The Duckshoot, Josh Mahoney, Dogs vs Blues, around the league
Apr. 20, 2014: The Writer's Almanac
6 hours ago / 05:12
Poem: "Sunday Brunch at the Old Country Buffet" by Anne Caston, and the literary and historical notes for Sunday, April 20, 2014.
6 hours ago / 1:07:40
http://www.undercountrymusic.com This week Neil goes on record about record stores, backs up the backing musicians and hops about Easter, all while playing great music by: Leslie DiNicola - http://www...
Inga Simpson's Mr Wigg
6 hours ago / 15:49
The fictional Mr Wigg lives in a part of regional Australia that may not exist anymore.
This Week in Crain's New York: 4/20
6 hours ago / 13:28
Host Don Mathisen sits down with Crain's reporters to get the latest updates on Con Ed encouraging customers to install solar panels, the extended-stay business, Pandora going after local advertisers...
I Am The Resurrection and the Life
6 hours ago / 29:38
Easter Sunday sermon on April 20th 2014 with Rev Emma Keown. Reading is John 20:1-31. He is risen!
Books + - 2014-04-20
7 hours ago / 54:19
Today on Books+, we meet a shining but unusual child, from the imagination of Margaret Drabble; we visit an orchard full of memories, apricots and talking trees; and are guided through one of the world...
BBM 73 – What’s Holding You Back?
7 hours ago / 1:04:00
There are many things keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and goals. But most of them are happening in your head. Don’t blame your shortcomings on Allah’s divine decree. Blame them on your inability...
7 hours ago
The University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Jose Padilha Podcast
7 hours ago / 1:02:16
Our special Brazil series continues with filmmaker Jose Padilha. His documentaries have tackled crime and corruption. His latest project - RoboCop!
John Horgan & George Johnson
8 hours ago / 1:23:21
George visits Ukraine ... John accuses Putin-bashers of hypocrisy ... The news from Chernobyl ... Did space-time expand faster than the speed of light? ... John: Cosmic inflation is ironic science...
Stress Factor Podcast 151: April 2014 Drum and Bass Studio Mix with DJ Scottie B
8 hours ago
Happy Easter 2014 and welcome to the Stress Factor Podcast 151. We have DJ Scottie B back this week with a wicked dnb mix where he goes a bit harder and darker than usual. The file is 13 MB, 58 minutes...
60.4°F The Easter bunny will be basking in the sun tomorrow! Rain is back in the forecast.
8 hours ago / 12:35
In today’s Podcast, We talk about our super Easter Sunday temps, the rain on Tuesday and next weekend’s possible 3Ft snowstorm. Listen now for all the details and check out my live Weather Station and...
Episode 99 "The Return Of Busey"
8 hours ago / 1:56:39  explicit
Aleks, Seamus, and Jordan sit down to talk about Evolve, PAX East, and the return of Gary Busey!
AMC Mail Bag - Shailene Woodley's Future With SPIDER-MAN
8 hours ago / 23:54
On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday April 19th 2014) we take the following viewer questions: Michael Hackett writes: Hey guys! Love the show! My question is about Shailene Woodley and TASM. Due to...
Tuner Minute 285 – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
8 hours ago
Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle. Want to share your thoughts on this topic or read what other people think? The forum discussion thread is here. You can listen to the episode now by using...
Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1075
8 hours ago / 2:24:07
The Tech Guy for Saturday 19 April 2014 - Show 1075 Host: Leo Laporte. Heartbleed update, live streaming your band's performance, replacing the cable set-top box, and your calls. Guests: Scott Wilkinson...
NYSP 70: New York Yankees and New York Mets Updates
8 hours ago / 30:40  explicit
NYSP 70: New York Yankees and New York Mets update. Nothing much to really talk about this week. 2 1/2 weeks into the season. Yankees and Boston series. Instant Replay and the screw job that Boston received...
Tedashii Below Paradise Full Interview
8 hours ago / 21:54
We sat down with Tedashii to discuss his new album Below Paradise, the death of his one year old son last year and the early days of Reach Records.
Sounds of the Caribbean with Selecta Jerry EP360
9 hours ago / 3:46:13
Archive of the 4/19/14 broadcast This weeks show starts off with classic music from Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Heptones, Earth & Stone, and The Abyssinians. New music...

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