Ep 28: The Murder of Geraldine Davidson


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Shea takes us to the Piney Woods region of East Texas to tell the tragic story of 84 year old Geraldine Davidson. This case is horrific but has important legal implications for the state of Texas. Erin's Good News highlights a non-profit called Green Zone Housing that offers housing to veterans. Chris Hansen interview with Lionel Simpson: https://youtu.be/p9kCZ--G47EAnd always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all.Donate to Texas Equusearch on their website www.texasequusearch.org. Visit our new merch shop: allcrimenocattle.threadless.com. Find us on Twitter: @ACNCpodcast and on Instagram: @allcrimenocattle. Tip Jar: paypal.me/allcrimenocattle

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