Top 10 Ethical Pitfalls, pt. 1


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Episode 23 – Top 10 Ethical Pitfalls, pt. 1

Attorney Michael Bowler, Statewide Bar Counsel and Counsel to the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Commission, discusses the top 10 ethical pitfalls that new lawyers stumble into. This is part one of a two-part series. The pitfalls in this episode are: financial matters, fees and fee agreements, electronic communications and social media, non-electronic communications and diligence.

Mike’s Practice Tips: If you are hopelessly lost in trying to maintain your trust account, hire an accountant or book keeper to do it for you. A list of book keepers is held by the Statewide Grievance Committee. The Committee can be reached by phone at 860-568-5157 or by e-mail at

Having a calendar and being organized with your calendar is a time tested and true method for staying on top of diligence issues.

A good support person is worth his or her weight in gold. And will help with timely communications and deadlines.

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