Ep 126: Essential Love in a Transit Van


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Welcome to episode 126 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe, and we are once again joining you during the lockdown.

We share our personal bee in our bonnets on the surge of social media challenge nominations, we aren’t saying they are bad & we would accept it if didn’t mean having to nominate other people... maybe, I mean, we’re also lazy with that sh*t.

We revisit an old story with a new update involving a lady who is in a relationship with a 92-year-old German Chandelier named 'Lumiere'. We learn about a woman thriving during lockdown with her ‘essential service’ to satisfy men in the back of her camper van for a reasonable fee, as well as bringing back our Agony Aunt segment, looking at how an affair is tough but not impossible during lockdown... even if it should be.

We play a preview of Tom from AnyWhere But Here’s new podcast documentary series called ‘Banned Biographies’ covering some of the most notorious bands to ever grace the world's stages, check it out. All this & much more!

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