Backstage with "ToJo Bigg Dawg" Kenneth Gibson


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"My purpose is to be a better person every day that I wake up." - Kenneth "ToJo Bigg Dawg" Gibson

Today’s guest is Kenneth "ToJo Bigg Dawg" Gibson, CEO of Bigg Dawg Entertainment. Gibson is from St. Louis and his hometown connections helped him see the opportunities needed to start his business. He built his business plans while serving an 8 year incarceration. He says he used his time in prison as "training for manhood" skipping card games and hang outs to spend time in the library, taking cues from mentors and learning about accountability and spirituality. In this episode, Tyler and Leigh-Ann invite the "Bigg Dawg" to take the stage on entrepreneurship, lessons learned from the school of life, finding purpose and much more!

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