Free Exchange: Tim Harford on How To Make The World Add Up


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Stats! What we need is stats!

If Dickens' hard-nosed utilitarian Thomas Gradgrind was around today he'd probably be knee-deep in SAGE briefings and ONS data bulletins, trying to work out what the heck is going on with this virus.

In the absence of a fictional Victorian schoolmaster, who better to lead us through the numerical mire than Tim Harford - the economist, author, broadcaster and TED-talker - whose new book 'How To Make The World Add Up' is an invaluable guide to seeing through the statistical fog.

It's much more than just a handy Spark Notes for numeracy though, as Tim delves into the deeply held psychological biases that lead us down the wrong path.

This was a great discussion about a book packed with insights and wonderful nuggets, such as: what do the inner workings of a toilet tell us about political polarisation?

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